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What does it mean to be educated? Part 4

So some while back I wrote a reply of sorts to many of the talking points put forth by Dr Debra Soh regarding the legitimacy of trans people, the concept of gender Identity, and the intersection between trans identities and orientation. Today I find myself sharing the article below, since it does a far batter job of similarly criticising the work of Professor Kathleen Stock, recently awarded an OBE by the British government in the New Years Honours list, than I ever could.

I heartily recommend you spend a half hour or so looking through it. The UK is becoming a very perilous place in which to be openly and unapologetically trans. Bell vTavistock has brought the idea of 'a trans identity' into the legal arena. It has done so specifically via means of positing it as a mental health condition. And now we have a singularly transphobic, single issue academic Honoured by the establishment.

Yet much of what I hear from friends and from family is, "surely its not that bad?"

Well yes. Yess it is that bad. And it's set to get worse. As my recent work suggested, people need to pay attention. And trans people need, and will continue to need, support.

Till next time. Sarah.

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