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The basics of Philosophy

As I have done with my older posts on Gender, Identity and that whole crazy gig, I thought I would bring you guys a one stop shop reference to the blogger posts on philosophy. I have to seat off with a caveat however. The serialisation of my thoughts on nigels warburtons book is not yet complete, and therefore I'll link the older stuff here but the later chapters will be added....well.. later ;-)

So my take on the practical applications of the chapters in Nigels book... The Introduction to my self imposed project is outlines the main chapters. First is the exisitance of God in the monotheist tradition Right and wrong. Parts one, two and three I skipped over writing specifically on the the chapter on animals since it is incredibly short and TBH, the inherent arguments are nowadays very well understood, However latterly I feel that may have been a mistake so I'll be revisiting this soon.

Politics is found here with a somewhat editorial part 2 here Appearance and reality (a bit of a favourite) is here So That leaves us With a catch up on Animals, and the chapters dealing with Science, the mind and art to deal with. I shall be sorting this out over the coming weeks as part of a year long project that I've taken to calling "project 365" But I will leave the details on that for another time. Keep it really real people, cos everyone needs a bit of optimisticality in their day! Sarah.

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