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Steering your leadership

I spend quite alot of time listening to and sharing stories of the major influences on my thinking. Some old, some not so much.

Without exception three common themes run through everything, whether it be 30 months old or 3000 years old.

1) Purpose 2) Perseverance 3)Fear of failure.

They all speak of the self. Of YOUR work ethic, of YOUR decision to do, of YOUR decision to be.

But what of others?

No one, no matter who and what they believe themselves to be is an island. EVERY outcome is a team effort.

I've often likened Life to a voyage, and you're sailing your ship through the waters of time.

Very few ships are solo efforts.

Never forget the crew that helps you keep that ship running. The ones who bailed out the holds in heavy seas. Repaired the damage after a storm. or those who gave you counsel when you doubt your ability to navigate through a place where they have already been.

Every ship need a captain. But every captain needs a crew. Indeed one might say it is the crew that makes the captain and names them as such.

But we will talk about that tomorrow.

Who's in your crew?

From #stubbornlyoptimisticgroup on facebook. You can find the original post @

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