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So certain are you?

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I've heard it said in business that:

"People would rather be right than rich"

The inference here being that people will not and are not prepared to do what must be done in order to be a deemed, or achieve "success" and yet the question I ask when confronted with this is:

"Can we not have both?"

Since the original premise creates an inference of what I would suggest is a "false" dilemma, i.e. A or B, not A so therefore B. But there's also C,D, E etc as other courses of actions. Plus as I've already stated one could feasibly have A AND B, However we can talk more bout the mechanics of philosophical argument later.

But - and heres the rub... in life, love, and the liquidity of business, attempting to live or achieve both simultaneously requires so much more effort, consideration, time and (un)patient application of a certain unstoppable will that many are willing or able to commit enough to achieving it. So, the shorter path beckons, and in the words of Seneca the younger:

"So true it is, that each man regards nothing as cheaper than himself"

And yet, Seneca asks, should we be so willing to do so? ok, so let's Juuuuust back up a little here. Who is this Seneca and why should his words matter? In short he was an Eminent Roman philosopher and political figure. An early proponent of the "Stoic Tradition " of philosophy that broadly speaking suggests that we "should" control our emotions, and not allow them to control us. Instead we should aim to use reason and logic to guide us. Think of him as an early version of Spock... you can find more of Seneca's story Here

The Tao of Seneca is an audio book that has been co produced by Tim Ferris and is based on the letters of Seneca, to his friend Lucilious, and it is from one of these that the above quote is taken. I heartily recommend it, because it will certainly make you think!

So, back to the present day: Seneca's words Emory a sentiment that sometimes it is easier for us to sell our principles in the pursuit of riches, than it is other things, since the cost of doings is delayed and thus at point of "purchase" we appear to be getting things for free.

But... (theres always a but isn't there?)

Todays little wisp of wisdom from your's truly is to pay equal attention to how your goals are achieved, as to the achievement of them.

Since to not do so may mean that when you achieve them, and the "price" of the methods you employed becomes payable, it may then be greater than you were willing to pay. But by then of's too late.

Or, if you like, we can put it another way:

"Once you start down the dark path, consume you it will...."


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