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Good Morning Educated Britain?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Monday morning arrives and I head off to teach, but before I do lets grab a quick coffee and check of the internet stuff. India Willoughby on Good Morning Britain with a professor Ellis, Susanna Reid and ..(sigh) Piers Morgan. ? oh dear. Trans gender athletes in sport. As discussed by a Trans woman, who seemingly doesn't get many of the arguments she speaks upon, a cis gender female athlete, and a professor Ellis Cashmore, a sociology expert. The very short "debate" centred around the advantage that trans women are purported to have in sport "because they are trans women" (kinda)

So, this has piqued my interest and over the coming days as a follow on from "what does it mean to be educated" in my last podcast and blog, I'll be looking at what it is to be trans gender in professional sport, which is after all a job. Is there a place for trans people? Why is less attention being directed to trans men, who presumably do compete... ? here's is the link to the videos.. In true Piers Morgan style there actually never was a debate, it was just Piers assuming he already knows an answer to an obvious question that he hasn't actually asked, and shouting down any dissent. "Namely do ALL transgender athletes have an advantage over cis gender ones simply because they are trans gender? " And secondly "how do we ensure parity in completion" But instead what we got was the old XX/XY dichotomy and "metaphysical scepticism" again based on a lack of knowledge surrounding the process of transition in any truthfully relevant physiological sense. Where were the endocrinologists,? The Sport Scientists? or heaven forbid, the trans athletes themselves? There was person on the panel who should have made that point. But India remained silent, presumably because she didn't want to be seen as acquiescing to trans narrative, and funnily enough she got little enough air time from what I can glean. So, trans people in sport. got an opinion? fancy sharing it? email me at and lets have a proper conversation about this.

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