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Following the "Thats what I heard"

When you start looking into any project and have to figure out where to place your time and energy, it's great to seek advice. but not always wise to take it.

Are you MOOving in the right direction

I was fortunate enough to be a participant on a masterclass recently that dealt with on line marketing via social media and digital platforms, by this time I'd had number of websites indeed this very site is the result of that lineage.

It's the website thing that lead me to write today's little bullet of bite size business advice. If you chat to anyone who deals with websites on a day to day basis you'll come across the "Wordpress" website platform.

"Get yourself a Wordpress website, it's so customisable, and you can do loads with it"

I am not a coder. far from it. My first website was built by a contractor and cost me £1500, because frankly I didn't know any better. Having said that It looked totally awesome, and it did the job fine but adaptations and changes or updates were not easy to achieve in timely manner because the logistics of even a small change were huge.

So back in 2014 with an early version of Spoke"n Sprocket - soon become SnS and them "Optimisticality WORKS" - I looked at Wix as a website builder. (and yes this site IS built on Wix) For a non developer like me that didn't really know their html from the c+ or basic, the graphical way of building a site was just intuitive, so I naturally gravitated towards that platform.

But lets go back to that recent masterclass. The subject of Wordpress came up again, and I found myself wondering if I'd built my online presence on the "wrong" platform. SO many people use Wordpress (nearly a quarter of the internet runs on it) and I hear so many recommendations for it as a platform that they can't all be wrong. Can they?

After a bit of research I discovered that no, they aren't wrong. "They" just have a different skillset and different priorities to "me". I am not a website builder by trade, knowledge or inclination. My Strength, focus and time needs to be utilised elsewhere. So a quick, simple, secure and dependable solution to the creation of my online spaces is a perfect fit for me.

In effect Wix is the right tool for the Job that is required of it, and a good fit for the person wielding said tool. Sure Wordpress could do the same, but spending the time figuring out how all that works would take me away from my primary business activity.

So, todays business bullet, is this.

Just cos everyone one else is doing things "this way" and you're doing thing "that way" Don't "assume" and follow the " I heard". Look at what you need, what you do and crucially what you're able to do, then decide accordingly.

If you're pondering this same question have a read at the link below and remember, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

but you DO have to consciously look.

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