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Five guys?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

What do we think of Tuesday?

Imagine the days of the week are five guys stood at a bar after work. (Five guys - maybe I should used a burger chain for this analogy......🤔 )

I mean Wednesday is the "Hump day guy", so he is the one squashed in the middle holding tightly to the the notes for the morning meeting, no nonsense, mid-week..focused on task.

Monday and Friday have their particular vibe, and kinda hold the week together, sometimes Monday is looking forlornly back at Sunday with a wistful expression, while Dress down Friday is kinda eyeing Saturday cos lets be fair .. weekends are cute.

Other times Monday can be all fired up looking at the other four days with a scary intent that keeps the whole group focused. (cos thats what department leads do isn't it? ) while Friday reluctantly pays attention in the back of the class

Even Thursday is kinda cool cos she gets to stand next to Friday and a make plans while basking the glory of Wednesday's productivity.

But Tuesday? Tuesday has to keep Monday from looking the wrong way while setting up Wednesday with all the stuff that needs to be done, to make him look good, cos lets be honest Thursday and Friday are gonna be late to that task meeting.

Who's doing what in your team?

So, let's all have a cheer for Tuesday.. arguably the hardest working guy of the lot.Because we all know tomorrow depends on what you do today.

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