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Crossing the "Date Line"

So recently I asked "who's gender is it any way?

That a great questions when it comes to dating. After all in the effort to find "the one" we "give of ourselves" and if that self is trans ... well, people can be funny about that. I did say in the last blog that things appear , at least from my perspective, to be moving in a more inclusive direction in this regard, but hey, thats just one persons take on things and as this recent video shows, youth is no protector from two facedness and shallow people who will play to a crowd when convenient to their own ends.

Our trans youth still face challenges in navigating the social space, when questions of "what" we are come into sharp focus. So, if you're reading this and have perhaps experienced rejection, humiliation, ignorance, or indifference, when attempting to get close to others,I have some advice for you that may serve as something of a "philosophical armour" against the impacts of those judgments. "Who you are is more important that what you are" Who you are is defined by you, not others. Your actions, reactions, choices and focus. Who you are is your kindness, Intellect, generosity, worth, passion and purpose.

And you know the best part of all? The last time I looked, not one of those traits were gender specific. So just do you... It's more than enough.

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