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Crewing the flag ship


or if you like:

"Leader of the ship"

I’ve said previously no one can do all that they aspire to do alone. We need allies, we need co- workers, we need family.

We even need detractors, mutineers and competitors from time to time.

All these people will drive the driven person.

To what end and in which direction depends on the person. some will give up, (driven into the ground )but others dig in & get going. (driven to achieve)

However back to those on "your ship" What makes your crew think you're a good (enough) captain?

It's been said that a" boss" will push staff, whereas a "leader" will pull them along. How much work the leader must put in depends on how willing/able the staff are to be pulled.

That ladies and gentle folk is the key.

A willing crew will work harder than a press ganged one, and rather than the leader of the ship having to pull all that weight of resistance along, they will pull with you.

BUT! the kicker is this: You have to let them control their bit of the ship for them to be able to do so.

Too many captains sink their own ship because they have an almost pathological need to retain control.

That only leads to one Outcome.

Mutiny. And Shipwreck.

As Richard Branson once said

"Train your staff well enough that they can leave. Treat them well enough that they dont want to"

All hands on deck?

The blog originally appeared in the #stubbornlyoptimisticfacebook group. You can see the entry @

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