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Chance looks like fate in the rear view mirror.

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I've had almost, or in fact just over, an entire month away from writing. This was not the plan, but life sometimes takes you on unexpected journeys. The last week of which has consisted of mostly being at home on my own, with Netflix and two adorable cats. Philosophy is to be found everywhere, if you care look for it. The title of this blog comes from a line in Marvel's iron-fist, series 2. Yet it stuck in my head. Regular readers may remember that I have written many times on the value of three things. Belief, perseverance and achievement. Rarely does one see the third without having first applied other two.

In my hiatus from regular writing I was thinking. Thinking about my future, professional direction, academic interest and all manner of things that go into the making of a life. I am in the process of (I hope) returning to the nursing profession after an 8 year gap, whilst also beginning a career as an academic researcher.

It all looks pretty positive to be honest, and yet I wouldn't have had these great opportunities were it not for the openness and collaboration of others. Indeed I am looking for the next collaboration since I now plan to pay more of my attention to a physical training in martial arts, and need a teacher, and somewhere space to practice.

But also, I wouldn't have opened the door to the possibilities now in front of me without first taking a chance by replying to an advert for a doctoral research program in early 2018, and then deciding to follow that up. The advert was on facebook of all places, and even though I wasn't sure my application would be accepted I fired off an email and after six months work, many many emails, one rejection and a reapplication, interview and further conversations I didn't get the that particular research gig. BUT I did learn a lot.

Rejection is awful ,but, if viewed in a certain way, it is a chance to ask "what next" and so I asked for, and received advice, which has now resulted in a confirmed place at a local university to study an MSc. Rather oddly this is back where the academic journey began for me in 1993. Sunderland. What's that old T.S Elliot quote?

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of our exploring shall be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time"

funny huh?

Sure, I might be going "back" to nursing, and also "back" to Sunderland, but I'm seeing both those returns through eyes that are not the same as they once were. Eyes that recognised a "chance" to move forward, if I had the strength of will to persevere in backing myself. Believing in the I'mpossible, and doing the work required to make all those chances appear "fated"

So on those days when you're not really feeling it, not sure that the path you want to take is the one that you could walk down, why not back yourself eh? Why not take a chance on you. after all, you get to decide the answer to the question "who do I wanna be"



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