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Business bullets: Mindset KPI

One of the challenges everyone will face in business is creating results. Kinda obvious huh? But what if your results look very different to those that others, whether they are business colleagues, friends or family are looking for?

How we measure progress, what we choose as our KPI of choice is sometimes fraught with the issue of appearing to others as "ineffective" when actually the effectiveness of the chosen approach is lost on them .

The path of progress

You've all seen the effects of this before. The silent business owner who works quietly on their marketing and network stuff in the back ground, not shouting about stuff and thus "appearing" to make no progress, "Suddenly" makes £1m turn over and becomes a big name.

The Slow to start procrastinator who plans, models, adjusts and researches endlessly, that then becomes the successful on line retailer of glasses that is warby-parker. Or the local business that never seems to get off the ground, for literally years, but is all the time inching towards an end Goal that just isn't visible yet in terms of results.

It a challenge for those of us in the pilot seat of any endeavour to keep going when often time's the lack of perceived, understood or valued results is used against us as proof that we should "just get a job" or "do something else" Of course at SOME point the best result and the only one that really counts in pure business is cash flowing to profit, and knowing a dead end from a "dip" is crucial. If you want to figure that out I heartily recommend Seth Godins book, "The dip"

So, if you are like me, the slow considered long game type who turns their back on quick earners because the long game would be disadvantaged by going down that route, then todays salute goes out to you.

The long game is sustainable, scale-able and the ROI is often better. But reaching it's event horizon is a long long, and sometimes lonely march. Keep going. The tortoise wasn't better than the Hare. He just had a better grasp of his KPI's

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