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A very long conversation...

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

So, here is the next in our series of blogs and blithering on the issue of Gender 2020.

A clear, and I hope comprehensive catalogue of the resources and information out there in the world about Gender.

So by now you will perhaps have seen my two "catch up" blogs that deal with the existential arguments and more "physicalist" type questions that go to answering the oft heard "So how do you know?" Not seen them? well check them out :

here, and here

Right. So, I thought it worth mentioning an awesome pair of videos that I found recently on Youtube (Yes yes - I know YouTube isn't exactly the paragon of educational literacy, but bear with me) A seemingly very lovely chap by the name of Olly has a channel called Philosophy tube. You should check it out.. seriously good stuff. Within the catalogue of videos there are two that stood out. "Transphobia" is the first one. Now don't be put off by the ancient greek analogy's at the beginning and the idea that this is some "high brow academic shizz" Well OK, actually it is.. but erm.. Olly make a great video, breaking down some key concepts of. both philosophical argument broadly speaking and the specifics of this ongoing gender conversation.

The second video is called..."what is gender" Now this is where I have spent most of my own time researching and it turns out me and Olly here agree pretty well.

So, there you go a beautifully made pair of very informative videos, that I hope are useful. Thats all from me, since I don't think I need to add anything to the videos in this blog, but keep an eye out from more in the Gender 2020 series in future blog posts. cheers peeps

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