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A quiet drink with yourself?

How do others see us? and how does that affect our relationship with ourselves? It's a well known phrase nowadays that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend most of our time with. But what of the sixth? Sometimes our relationship with ourselves is "unclear" and conflicting advice and ideas come rushing at us. On the one hand it's great to learn from others, but on the other, forging our own path requires a decision to mould that learning into our own particular vision.

Imagine 4 people, each called I, Me, You and Us walk into a bar, and sit down for chat.

As long as "I" likes "me" Everything is fine. It's when "you" tells "me" that "I" is wrong, and what's worse they're lying, and that "me" shouldn't trust "I" then the conversation goes downhill.

"I "begins to doubt "me", Of course after a while "me" realises this and becomes distant from "I", and siding mostly with "You" Because lets face it "you" has been around a while and is good friends with "Us" whom "I" likes very much.

"Us" comes back from the the bar with more drinks at this point and suggests that "You" really should stop messing things around. Nobody listens to "us" at first but after a while, "I" figures out that it'll be fine if "you" accepted that "me" is different, so "I" apologises to "me" for being distant.

They all take a drink of their pints and relax while waiting for "Them" to walk in the bar, late a usual.

Confidence. It comes from being independent of the good opinion of others. Even if on occasion, that "other" is (a version of) "you".

#wisdomwednesday #stubbornlyoptimistic

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