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A "panoramic" view of politics #2

We know "Jonathon Pie" is a character and the creation of actor and comedian Tom Walker.

But that aside this is no longer satire. This is actual news. Actual no shit unadulterated truth. This guy is saying what the BBC SHOULD be saying. What "real" journalists are afraid to say and what elected officials are hiding from.

Integrity has worn a "for sale" sign under Neo liberalism for 3 decades. A mantra of Personal responsibility linked with a twisted sense of liberal tolerance has gotten us to this point.

The point where the president of America is a unabashed misogynistic racist theocrat pedalling dogma and fear. The point where ANTI fascism is seen as a questionable political movement. A point where Socialism is misrepresented as communism, and the rule of law mindlessly assumed to synonymous with an ethical stance.

When trump was elected I feared for the UK, I wrote about it, and in analysing his acceptance speech I felt deeply deeply uneasy about what he represented. and now here we are. The UK sleepwalking into becoming a puppet state of the US economic machine whilst possibly being lead by it's fiscal pubes into global conflicts over access to ever diminishing returns of natural resources. Conlficts that are wrapped in a rhetoric of freedom and liberty

Silencing the unruly

So I'm gonna stick my neck out here. If trump gets a second term and the UK suffers a further Brexit brandishing conservative government then by 2025 both of our countries will be engaged in a public propagandised war with someone, and this time religion will be on the table and the fascists have the biggest guns, the most boats, the expensive smart tanks.

if that doesn't scare you, if you're not seriously concerned at this point, then I have to ask:

wExactly when would you be?

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