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Podcasts! On this page you will find a list of links to the podcast episodes and some notes from on each episode! Each one features me and a guest chatting over the things that they feel keep them focused, and productive in life. 

Hit the link on the title above and it will take you straight to the first of many! 

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In this episode I chat with Richard Jefferson of TMR mindset 
In what is the first of many conversations, so have listen... and maybe you can change your cup. 

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Green Typewriter

This week I'm joined once more by Richard, and also Phil Roberts,. 

We spend a bit of time discussing quotes, focusing on those that resonate with us, and exploring what lessons we might take from the writings of others. 

Ep #4


Are you a relentless Gardener?

Ep #5


Measure your managments

Ep #6

Pt 1 Learning to mind the  Gap

Ep #7

Pt 2 Minding the gap

pollly website

Have a listen to Polly and I chat about personal motivators,  all 

things coaching, cycling and how to get CHARLIE to help you make your way through challenges. 

EP #9

2000 year old questions and modern answers 

EP #10

Gender 2020


Risk decision & direction 

EP #11.5

MIA & loosing your microphone

Screenshot 2018-10-21 at 07.41.15.png
Ep#12 Life, Love, Music & Marmaduke

Chatting with Max Harrison. Editor, Proof reader, Writer, Musician and more. 

We cover life, love and that crazy journey from then to now.

Episode 14




Episode 15

Language, linguistics and

 lamp shading .

Episode #16

A Look at some personal experiences of Gender dysphoria, part of the gender 2020 series of podcasts and blogs 

Screenshot 2019-01-13 at 11.33.41.png
Decorated Restaurant

A review of influencers and influences 2018 

Red Christmas Baubles

12 Gifts of 


Prt 2


New year 2019. 


"revolutionary" thoughts. 

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